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Steven Van Loo

Freelance IT Consultant

Hi, I’m a passionate IT security person with more than 15 years of experience. I have been working as a consultant at customers on project basis for more then 10 years and love doing this. My strongest drivers are the satisfaction of customers and building a long term trust relationship. Therefore I don't mind stepping outside of my comfort zone. The goals achieved are goals which I believe are strong, solid and future-proof.

For those who want to have a quick look on my experience, look at my LinkedIn or profile.

And those who have some more time can read further on here below:

More than 15 years ago I first started in the Mobile phone world, more specific the mobile phone core network. It was different from the IP networks we know today as it was all about routing telephone numbers.  But in a certain way, it was also very similar, as routing was based upon prefix, comparable to routing of IP networks based upon subnets.

When the mobile phone network grew towards GPRS and later on to UMTS, the circuit switched core was replaced by a packet core. It then evolved more and more towards the IP networks we know today. At that point, I started working on IP networks and with security.

Later on, I started as a security consultant at C-CURE where I worked for about 6 years. Getting to know the world of consultancy and enjoying the freedom of designing great networks made me enjoy the world of security. This was accomplished by a throughout knowledge of the products and the underlying technologies. Underlying technologies which often find there origin or equality in open source projects. But the original or out of the box thinking was certainly a plus!

The next 6 years where comparable, but as a co-owner of TrueGEN. As a technical leader of the company, the road was set to get the best out of the chosen products. This resulted in secure and future-proof environments at the customer. Furthermore it also established a long term relationship with the customer. 

But now hIQkru brings a new challenge, one with a great focus on technologies rather then on products. As I believe hIQkru can bring more safety, stability and flexibility in your IT infrastructure on the already implemented products. Because you as a customer has already done a great job in selecting the right product for your environment.

Since the beginning of 2019 I am working mainly for Metsi, a UK based company specialised in Cloud Automation and Orchestration. In this role I am building out a professional services partner for AVI Networks on the EMEA market. This enriches my knowledge of Multi-Cloud environments, automation and orchestration which are becoming more and more important in todays enterprise networks. It also allows me to further develop my scripting and API skills gathered over several years using open source solutions based on Linux and BSD. All this to facilitate the day to day tasks IT staff are facing with, so they can focus on tasks that matter towards the future.

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