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Sales Terms And Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all offers, agreements and deliveries of hIQkru. The client's assignment entails the acceptance of these terms and conditions, explicitly excluding the applicability of any terms and conditions of the client.

1. Price

All offers and price information exclude VAT, duties and taxes.

Offers are valid for up to 30 days. Unless otherwise stated, consultancy is calculated based upon 8 hours a day. It is executed in a timeframe between 8:00 to 18:00, also known as office hours. Interventions outside these office hours will be charged additionally based upon following rates:

  • Working days and Saturdays​: +50%

  • Sundays and holidays: +100%

For short term planning (<3 day) and emergency interventions there will be an additional charge of +100%.  This includes a minimum billing of a 1 hour timeframe for remote interventions and a 4 hours timeframe for onsite interventions.

2. Payment

hIQkru's invoices need to be paid within 30 days following the invoice date. Orders above EUR 50,000.00 require a deposit of 25% of the total invoice price, payable at acceptance of the offer. In the event of late payment, late interest of 5% is legally owed without notice of default from the due date of the invoices, plus a fixed-rate compensation of 5% of the invoice amount.

Should the client continue to default on paying the invoices within the period set out above, hIQkru is entitled legally to dissolve the agreement by means of a registered letter, with immediate effect, and without prior notice of default.

Invoices will be sent out on monthly bases or at 75% of completion of the agreement. Any hold up in delivery of the agreement at the client end entitles hIQkru for sending the invoice at the originally foreseen end date of the agreement.

3. Liability

hIQkru's liability, for any fault whatsoever, is limited to EUR 10,000.00 for each claim, where a series of associated events applies as one claim.

Any liability of hIQkru for indirect damage (such as, non-exhaustively: loss, unavailability of or damage to data, cessation of business, loss of profit, loss of clients, violation of good name, loss of earnings, third-party claims against the client) are excluded. hIQkru owes no compensation for this whatsoever.

4. Complaints

Any complaint must be reported to hIQkru within 10 working days by registered letter, in the absence of which the client is deemed to have accepted every delivery/service unconditionally and irrevocably.

5. Retention of title

All materials and goods delivered by hIQkru remain the property of hIQkru up until these materials and goods have been paid for in full.

6. Jurisdiction

This agreement is exclusively subject to Belgian law. The Courts of Antwerp, department Mechelen, are exclusively competent for any dispute in relation to the interpretation, execution, dissolution and consequences of this agreement.

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