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Launch of the hIQkru website

Today hIQkru is proud to launch it's new website. The days of sweat and tears have passed and now it is finally there. With this new website, hIQkru is at the beginning of its path towards a future of safe, simple and flexible networks. What this means can be discovered at the different pages on the website.

But to highlight already some details, the name hIQkru is in fact a combination of:

- Human

- IQ or intelligence

- Kru or crew

The website has been build up using, a cloud application that helps you bring a nice and dynamic website in just a few clicks. But the content still needs to be written by yourselves, hence the sweat and tears. is one of the examples cloud services can help you with in order to simplify creation and maintenance of your corporate website.

I invite you to visit the website and find the hidden easter egg. It allows you to take part of a contest with a nice price! So go ahead, and discover our website.

I am looking forward to see all those participations to the contest coming in!



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